Happy thanksgiving!


Left-over apple pie 🙂



heyyyyy! i am in montreal right now with my cousins sam and sara! hi, guys! hope you like my website 😛 i will miss yàll when we have to go home 😦 i am having such a fun time in canada! thanks for being such awesome cousins 😉 bummer that i can`t play tennis in the snow 😦

canada has some really cool stores that we don`t have in the u.s., including a store called urban planet. everything is really stylish and cute, like forever 21, but it is less eccentric. 😉

anyways, as you all probably know (if you check my website frequently) my birthday was three days ago! happy b-day to moi! he he

rom left to right, sara (my amazing cousin:), yasi (my sista), and me!

fun in montreal!

it was my birthday!
he he.

atom project

if you didn’t have to make an element out of protons, neutrons, and electrons using random stuff, like wood animals, then you are the most fortunate person on earth. my element is potassium, and we have to represent the protons, electrons, and neutrons by something. i chose to use monkeys for the protons, giraffes for the neutrons, and bananas for the electrons. we had to go to 2 craft stores to get the materials we needed cuz one didn’t have anything. oh, well, i guess life ain’t a bowl of cherries 😉

p.s. my grandpa used to say that all the time. hehe life ain’t a bowl of cherries!


my atom project (it's potassium)